Neat Reborn of The Warkop DKI

Sometimes I can be annoyed if a comedy movie shows stupid joke as if the audience have a terrible sense of humour. Examples that commonly used in entertainment media in Indonesia are: bullying to an ugly/idiotic character, slapstick humour that merely about pitiful physical accident, and sometimes situtiational comedy that the patterns are used a looot that they become so predictable yet losing its funniness.
Indonesia has some legend in comedy movies. One of them is Warkop DKI. It was actually three men named Dono Kasino and Indro portraying  a group of friends whose lives are full of unfortunate and silly events. Their movie become so famous and legendary until now because  of the consistency of their funniness. Sometimes the jokes are out of the box and smart, sometimes it’s sexist (the trio were relatively the type of non-good looking with ridiculous manner, but they always hit and surprisingly surrounded by pretty girls in provocative sexy outfits)
Recently the legendary movies …

The Story When A Young Adult Admiring Animated Movies Through Studio Ghibli's Works

Firstly, I never Studio Ghibli’s movies them as a child, although they began producing in mid 80s. When I was little, animated movies that were available to me were Disney’s & Pixar’s features, Japanese TV series like Detective Conan, Dragonball, Doraemon, Crayon Shinchan, One Piece, Captain Tsubasa, Hunter x Hunter, and from US like Tom & Jerry, Scooby Doo, Looney Tunes, Popeye, and of course Nickelodeon’s Hey Arnold, Cat Dog, Dora, & SpongeBob. From local production, I’ve had some VCDs from certain studio (i forgot the name of the studio) which produced animated version of some famous Indonesian folklore like Malin Kundang, Timun Mas, Bawang Merah Bawang Putih, and Cerita si Kancil (I loved them since i’ve been so familiar with the stories which are often told by parents and in school books, but sadly the animation were terribly excecuted -.-). So, long story short, the did give me nice memories about my childhood. Some of them even really memorable for the beauty and t…

When A Biopic Movie Is Not Dramatically Well-Done: A Piece of Opinion from a Drama Lover about “Rudy Habibie”

So last month my sister and I watched “Rudy Habibie” in cinema. It was actually a second movie from Habibie&Ainun franchise from the MD Pictures studio. Soon there will be Habibie&Ainun 3 (the teaser already enclosed in after Rudy Habibie’s credit title), Habibie&Ainun 4, 5, and so on (wow,smh (0_0)). I’ve watched the first Habibie&Ainun too. And I think it was much better than “Rudy Habibie” especially in terms of dramatic aspect. Fun fact, the first movie was commercially far more successful too. It sold more than 4 million tickets in national cinema, the biggest number in Indonesia cinema history untill now. While Rudy Habibie ‘only’ sold 1,4 million tickets. Other fact, the first movie was directed by a new and less famous director Faozan Rizal (formerly he was better known as scriptwriter) compared to Rudy Habibie by Hanung Bramantyo, a famous director with some notable works in mostly religious-romantic and nationalist movies (kinds that are prefered by many Ind…

The Enchanting Indonesia's Classic Cinema: Tiga Dara (1956)

As an old-soul I’m often fascinated with oldies things. So when one day I read news about an old Indonesian movie was being restored and was screening in particular Indonesian cinema network this August, I got interested. It was Tiga Dara by Usmar Ismail originally released in 1956. I soon watched the trailer on youtube and at once I was REALLY LOOKING FORWARD to see it in cinema. First, it is the first musical drama Indonesian filmmaker ever made. In the trailer, the girls are gorgeous, they sang catchy song in the opening. And there was romance involved, the nice ol’ ways with the man being a man and woman being a woman. Also the dialogues clip was pretty impressive. I thought, it must be hillarious! Turns out, after I finally watched it in cinema, IT IS so hillarious yet so charming in a good ol’ ways.
I never really saw any Indonesian old movies in black and white before. It was my first time and I really love it. I don’t know how the other movies were in the beginning of Indones…